(Common fig)

Additional applications

Fruit extract softens and moisturises skin. It also helps to fight radicals.

Natural environment

Common fig, known as ficus carica, is a species of the mulberry family.
Originally it grew in Central and Eastern Asia and in Asia Minor. Nowadays fig grows wild in Mediterranean countries as well as in many countries of tropical and subtropical areas.

How do we choose fragrance?

This is our favourite stage of production which we have paid a lot of attention to. We wanted Yope soaps and cleaning agents to be distinctive in all aspects and paid greatest effort to develop the most natural, pleasant and original scent. We have tried hundreds of aroma compositions and selected only a few. Some of them could be just added to cosmetics but other compositions did not match the formula. However, that did not discourage us from working. If the aroma was satisfying, we continued designing soap formula from the scratch. We wanted soaps for the kitchen to have appetising smell and effectively neutralise unpleasant smells from hands, e.g. onion, fish, garlic. Liquid soaps for bathrooms mainly refresh but we also arrived at the conclusion that using them should give pleasure as well. Aroma compositions of cleaning agents were selected in such way that they are not too intense and give impression of ... cleanliness.

Our products with Ficus Carica: